Hello world!

Welcome to Photography by Odille.  

My home is on the beautiful Tweed Coast in northern NSW, Australia.

A long time photographer, who almost completed (I bombed out on the Physics of Lenses!) a professional course back in the late ’70s, I am now building up my business to make me some income. As I am also a journalist by trade and study (BA Prof Writing) my photography complements this perfectly.
My interests are wide ranging so you’ll find photos on a wide range of subjects here. My equipment consists of pro Canon DSLRs, and digital and film Hasselbad bodies and a Phase One back.

If you see something that appeals, you can purchase photos via Oz Images at http://www.photographybyodille.com. If something you’ve seen here isn’t there, email me for details. Landscapes are my passion but I also shoot a lot of surfing (I do live in the ideal location for it), steam trains, historic buildings/structures, wildlife & domestic animals, sport. I live on the beautiful Tweed/Gold Coast and can take photos on demand of the many stunning and unique locations here.

Please note all images are copyrighted and must not be used without prior permission and attribution.

Look forward to chatting with you all.

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