Breaka Burleigh Surf Pro

Off to Burleigh to hopefully get some great shots of this even – that’s if I can get a parking space of course!  Watch this space.

I had a great time but couldn’t process any pics due to power fluctuations last night.  Done a quick couple before I set off for the day.

These are James ‘Taipan’ Wood who with a 15.33 aggregate pushed Mick Fabbing onto second place in their heat. Both these shots were taken in the same wave – he got the tube and rode it well and then had an incredibly long floater, I have 4 frames, it seemed to go on forever.

I will be down there again today, on the rocks in front of the commentary box somewhere. If anyone comes down, some over and say Hi.   I plan to arrive at Burleigh at 6 (with DST I leave home at 6.30 and get there at 6, neat huh?) to get a good parking spot.

In the tube
Rising the crest