More Breaka Burleigh Surf Pro shots – Sun 21 Feb 2010

Spent the whole day at Burleigh, I arrived there at 6.15 am to get a good parking spot.  Had a wander round, bought myself a delicious breakfast the The Bluff cafe, and had a great day shooting.

The event was won by Taj Burrow (AUS), claiming the inaugural 2010 Association Of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) 4-Star, Breaka Burleigh Pro.

He defeated Josh Kerr (AUS), Owen Wright (AUS) and Dusty Payne (HAW) who finished second to fourth respectively in an exhilarating four-man final.

Burrow exploded out of the gates with a blistering 9.10 (out of a possible 10), going on to register a combined two-wave total of 17.30 (out of a possible 20) to Kerr’s 15.67, Wright’s 14.60 and Payne’s 8.73.  The shot below is from his 9.10 scoring ride, and shows why he was a fitting winner in this event

Bound for Glory

And then he ‘rolled over’ and gave the crowd a triumphant fist pump

And a montage of this manouvre, showing 6 shots over 2 seconds of action (click on the image for a larger size)  Full size image (18000 pixels wide) is available as a print, please contact me for a price

In the first heat of the day, on the very first wave surfed, Corey Ziems broke a board.

The board breaking ride

The handover of the new board by ‘caddy’ Mick Fanning

And the sad remnants collected by another surfer

Unfortunately Corey never seemd to quite get it back together and finished 4th in that heat.

While I had a great day’s shooting, I did get somewhat wet. Another fellow and myself were watching this storm front come closer . . .  and closer and when it hit it was big.  Lasted for about 75 minutes of very heavy rain, but you’ll be pleased to hear I kept right on shootin’.  I squelched for the rest of the day, but I kept on.  The camera had its raincoat on but silly me had left MY rain poncho in the other bag.  Oops!  Won’t do that again, no matter how fine it looks.

(click to see full panoramic image)

And a few more name surfers

Mick Fanning was unfortunate enough to have his heat in the worst of the rain, it flattened the waves and visibility was very low as well.

More coming . . . .

The first semi final was the pick of the day surfing wise and was a very aerial affair.  One of the judges commented he had never seen so many aerials in one heat.

Among the marvellous manouvres, Josh Kerr of Lennox Head blasted his way to perfect 10 score (from a two wave aggregate of 19.7) with moves like this.

And also scoring high were Josh Kerr of Coolangatta

Brent Dorrington of also Coolangatta

and James ‘Taipan’ Woods of Byron Bay.

Owen Wright and Josh Kerr progressed to the final, along with Taj Burrows and Dusty Paine.  With quality surfers like these guys on the circuit, I can’t wait for the Quiksilver Pro!


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