Well, I trotted out to the computer this morning bright and early and checked on the Quiksilves site.  A report, dated Friday, said the event was OFF for the day due to a tsunami warning.  At first, due to the date being a day behind Australian time, I thought they were having a lend of us.  However, a quick check with BOM (http://www.bom.gov.au/tsunami/) showed it was no joke, but a real danger following the 8.8 mag quake off Chile.

So I went down to Point Danger around 9am (it is a quite elevated site) to try to get shots of the swells rolling in.  I saw one a feww years ago which was wonderful, but I think an earlier light is needed to get the sidelight effect.  The sea was quite disturbed with some wild waves every so often and somewhat chaotic swell patterns.  Experts warn of dangers with very unpredictable currents due to the disturbance of the ocean by the earthquake.

Nonetheless, this pic gives the idea.  I’ll try for an early shot tomorrow at sunup.


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