My Photovan

My partner and I originally bought this van as a work vehicle for him, however I’ve kind of pinched it and he takes my car to work!

I bought the marquee / tent setup so I would have extra space under cover, and it worls very well.  The table came from Aldi and I got a camping starter kit of lamp, stove and bits and pieces so I have light and cooking even if there is no electricity.

The orange power board is an old Kambrook one which has one lightbulb socket and 3 power points, very useful when I am somewhere I can plug into power.  My laptop is good for a couple of hours on battery power and I have a cigarette lighter adapter so I can charge it on the road.

I have seen a great set up on another blog at which has given me lots of inspiring ideas for more refinements.  I have already bought this awning and am planning a roof rack and platform.

Watch this space!

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