Carpet python (Morelia spilota)

This next view of him is more accurate as to colour.

A juvenile (coastal variety I presume) carpet python we ‘unearthed’ in the garden yesterday. He was about 40cm and as thick through the middle as my thumb. His colouring was a dark cinnamony brown background and creamy/fawn markings. The pic of showing his body is more accurate for colour. (These were taken with the Lumix (everything else is packed for the trip) and it does have a slight orange tendency.)

Yesterday to 9am we had 60 mm rain and then more through the day. This little guy obviously got washed out of his wintering spot. He is on the old weldmesh frame we use for the cherry tomatoes in summer, and as they are all finished we decided to clean it off and get ready for next year. Warwick reached out to move it and saw him wriggle and got a hell of a shock!

We’ve christened him Peter and hope he stays around and does not fall prey to the brown snakes.

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