Moon & magic light, pre dawn, Terranora NSW, 10 June 2010 (_P1Z7992)

Sunrise this morning. I was feeding my cats when I looked out the kitchen window and saw this – the cats had to wait a short while! It was much redder when I first saw it but by the time I struggled down into the garden with tripod and walking stick it had ‘oranged up’. Still very special though, the little central cloud bear Venus (I think it is Venus) gives it a bit of detail for the eye to spot on.

And sunset last night was just as special.  I was cooking dinner last night and saw a flash of pink to the north, when I went and checked there was this magnificent sky to the west. I panted over the road in nightie, slippers and shirt over the top to catch this from the top of the neighbour’s driveway – I must have looked a sight! I don’t think anyone saw me. I’d seen the mackeral clouds (the y covered the whole sky) a few minutes earlier but they had no colour, and just this bottom section coloured up. But it was very spectacular.


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