West Coast Images

A few images from my trip up New Zealand’s West Coast

Jackson’s bay sunset.

I had seen some great pics of the jetty at Jackson’s Bay with the sun setting behind it.  I waited on the stony ‘beach’ for ages and took many photos as the clouds got ever so faintly pink.  Then all the colour went and I struggled back up to the car, opened the door and put the cameras in, turned to get in and it was all red!  What a mad scramble I did and this was handheld after all!

Next day I went on to the Glaciers (Fox & Franz Josef) and I was hoping for some shots of Lake Matheson.  I walked up to Fox Glacier (chosen as it is a shorter walk) and took quite a few shots – I really longed to get closer and get into some ice caves, but it will have to wait until next trip.  This shot is of the cavern from which the meltwater was issuing and that water looked very cold indeed!

Lake Matheson was not to be.  Unfortunately on the day I was there it started to come over very windy and showery in the afternoon, so I forewent Lake Matheson (next time I will plan for dawn there) but did shoot this nice imge of Mt Cook from the western side from the Lake Matheson Rd.


2 thoughts on “West Coast Images”

  1. Yes, I saw this new skin and it said the images could be up to 1000 pixels wide. I liked the look of it so decided to change. I’d rather it was black but it looks pretty good. Thanks for the kind words.

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