553elx kit small P1030975


For sale at $AUD650.00. View it at http://www.adpost.com/au/cameras_optics/4141/?session_key=3df0ab1e878b93dd52c797d7f285f39a

I purchased this body and the various items to make a kit in 2008, hoping to purchase a digital back for it.  As it turned out, I ended up buying an H2 and back, so this is now surplus to requirements.  If you want a  good motor driven body with everything you need to get started in medium format then this will do it.  Selling to fund a lens purchase.

Kit consists of:

* 553elx body + strap – uses AA batts – incl. front & back body caps (G)
* viewfinder – non-metered (F/G, some marks)
* film magazine 16S – 4x4cm ‘super slide’ (VG)
* Zeiss Sonnar 1:4 f 4.5 150mm lens + front / back caps (G)
* two handed bracket with shutter trigger * hot shoe (VG)
* 5 rolls Fujichrome Provia – exp date 12/2010
* remote release cord (VG in bag)

Also 1 Zeiss Makro-Planar CFi 120 f4 lens (as new). Selling for $1500, camera kit and the lens avail for $2000.00 (no offers).

Photos of the lens are on my Flickr set Equipment, or there is an older post here on the blog, click on the For Sale category.

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