Swell Sculpture Festival images removed

Just a note to avoid confusion.  I have removed all my images of the above festival from the web as I have been accused of trying to exploit the artists.

My intention was only ever to share the beauty of the pieces, I credited the artists and included links to their own websites, but some woman on RedBubble viciously attacked me and  set the artists on to me apparently by telling them I was selling hundreds of posters of their works.

Just for the record, I’ve yet to sell anything via Red Bubble (I wish!).

So to all who commented and liked the images, I think you kindly for your comments, and I won’t ever be shooting another sculpture picture as long as I live!  Obviously public art isn’t.


2 thoughts on “Swell Sculpture Festival images removed”

  1. The thing was that at no time did the artist concerned contact me and ASK would I remove the for sale link (inadvertently did it anyway, just forgot to un-tick the ‘work for sale’ on RedBubble when I posted them. I would have been happy to do it. No, just into me boots and all by some third party stooge of theirs. No more sculpture festivals for this little red duck, that’s for sure.

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