Bathroom Accessory python #3

Last night we had a python (Coastal carpet – Morelia spilota sub sp. mcdowelli) in the hallway – he scratched Warwick on the ankle when he nearly stepped on him and bolted into the bathroom.

There is a bit of a back story to this incident. We knew we had pythons in the roof – at least 2 – and possums, again, at least 2. With all the rain we’ve had the roof started leaking badly. 2 weeks ago Thursday our landlord finally (after 7 years requests) sent a guy (just the handyman) to fix the roof – he did a cracker of a job and we now have a nice waterproof and possum proof roof. The ridge capping for an entire section of roof – about 14 pieces, were all dislodged and you could see right down into the roof.

There turned out to be 3 possums, we had difficulties sourcing cages as the local wildlife people’s were being used, but eventually all were caught last Thursday (we’d been putting food and water up every day for a week!) and released outside. I can still hear them in the trees at night which is nice. The guy who went up in the roof reported there was still a 3” slit at the front of the house over the verandah, so no problems with the pythons going in and out.

However, they used to go in at the back, and obviously have not got the hang of going from the trees to the roof – they have come from the roof of the cattery to the verandah and settled for getting in on our level rather than making it up to the roof. Have to see what we can do to work out a ‘python bridge’.

Anyway, here are the pics. When Warwick woke me he was in the bathroom cupboard making love to my hair dye stuff (maybe he wants a colour change). That shot and the one in the bath were taken about midnight. Then Warwick went to work, I went back to bed, and this coiled one was taken this morning (you can see the others on my Flickr or RedBubble sites – there’s links on here).

I got the wildlife chap to come and check him before re release as I hadn’t seen any cat injuries but wanted to be sure. I’ll be getting some strong netting today at Bunnings and repairing the screen door on the verandah so they cannot get in there again, we had the doors open to let the cool night air in!

UPDATE: The snake man came and checked him and he had a nasty puncture about 12” back from his head – it would be from Raymond cat, he is fearless round snakes. So he has gone to Currumbin Sanctuary to be checked by the vet and to see if he heeds antibiotics, but he will come back here to be released, as he has a mate, a paler coloured coastal carpet. And he showed me how to make a python bridge from the cattery to the roof, so I’ll get onto that today too.

Lumix FZ35 close up P1060732


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