Japanese replica hachoro boat

During my visit to Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, for a few days to visit family and see MyState Financial Australian Wooden Boat Festival on the Hobart waterfront, I made a point of seeking this one out (I’d read about it in the local paper online).

As part of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival 2011, Hobart’s Sister City Yaizu sent a Hachoro Boat along with a delegation to showcase Japanese culture.

The Hachoro is an 8 oared wooden boat with one main and two secondary masts. The rowing action is not like our rowing boats, rather more parallel to the hull with less of a through-the-water and more of a side-to-side motion.

The replica wooden boat was built in 1997 and is made of Japanese Cedar. With three masts and 8 oars, the vessel is 13 metres long, 3 metres high, 3.5 metres wide and weighs five tonnes.

It was very popular when displayed at the Brest (France) Maritime Festival in 2008 and created quite a deal of interest. The boat was on display, but it was also rowed around the dock area and out into the river for a loop with some Hobartians aboard.

H2/P20/50-110 zoom – CF037179


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