The Disastrous NZ earthquake

As some readers here may know I love NZ and Christchurch, a truly beautiful city.  I havebeen following the tragedy unfolding there since lunchtime Tuesday with a very heavy heart.

As a very small way to help I will, for the next 6 months, donate any money from sales of my Christchurch images on RedBubble to the NZ Disaster Relief fund.  I wish I could do a lot more.

Keep beautiful Christchurch and her people in your hearts and minds and pray if you have a mind to.  I am sure the Cantabrians will recover and rebuild and they need all the help we can give.

And keep in mind that if you book and pay for your next photography holiday in south island (you don’t have to visit Christchurch although it will always be on my list for every trip there) now, you’ll get a great deal (poor NZ’s $ is down against other currencies) but you’ll be putting money into their economy when it so desperately needs it.


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