Milford & Mitre Peak at Sunset

Mitre Peak at Sunset, originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

Another re-edit from my 2010 trip. I edited this at the time and was never that happy with it, but my editing skills are improving all the time.

I have ‘pushed’ this a little farther than I usually do, but I think it works.

Canon 1DsMkII & 16-35 MkIIL

milford sunset P1Z6581


6 thoughts on “Milford & Mitre Peak at Sunset”

  1. Great picture,Odille. Your skills are quite OK. I don’t miss the clouds. This way the mountain range is more distinct.
    I wonder whether cropping the grass and the bright reflection in the water in the foreground would put more emphasis on the sun and would create a pano. My eyes are torn between the sun and the reflection and grass. In my mind you have two topics/pictures in one; the sun and the reflection of the mountain.

  2. My thought was the bank os sedge grasses and the gold reflection led your eye to the peak – without the foreground I didn’t like it at all. But now you’ve got me thinking again, darn it! Thanks for commenting Christoph.

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