New photos soon!

Now I have the stitches out of my toe which has been giving me problems since early February.  I stubbed my big toe and a large corner of toenail broke off and pierced the skin at the side, and it overgrew the nail and got infected and I had all sorts of trouble with it.  I’ve not been able to wear shoes for a month!  So last week the doctor had at it and he took the stitches out today and it looks good, now it’s fingers crossed the nail will grow out without poking a hole in it again.  But in a few days I should be able to get shoes on and get out again for some dawn work.

I have a bad case of cabin fever!  I’m even getting sick of the sight of the cats.


2 thoughts on “New photos soon!”

  1. Sorry to hear of your predicament. I can understand your displeasure. I am restricted to house and garden too as I have casts on both my feet below the knee. The operation was on 21/3 and they should come off on 1/5. This will be followed by 2 weeks in rehab. I had what they call a feet reconstruction; tendons, muscles, bone. All this thanks to a genetic disorder. Anyway, All the Best. Christoph

  2. Ouch – that sounds far worse than my measly toe Christoph. Hope it all comes out well when the casts are off. It is very frustrating not to be able to get out and about – your situation must be much worse though.

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