Shadow Seeker

Shadow Seeker , originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

Raymond, our Oriental x domestic shorthair, embodying why cats can be considered the perfect hunting ‘machine’.

From the loose limbed stalk to the concentrated gaze, to a small prey creature he just oozes menace.

From Animal Planet :
“Design a “dream machine” for hunting and you’d come up with something very close to a cat. From the smallest domestic to the biggest “king of the jungle,” felines are gifted in all the bodily tools and techniques needed to chase prey in the wild or toys in the living room: speed, athleticism and the killer instinct.”

EOS30D & 70-200 f4 L (raymond shadow seeker _MG_9476)


2 thoughts on “Shadow Seeker”

  1. Beautiful picture, beautiful cat, Odille! Cats are very perfect creatures.

    We have inherited my mother’s Siamese and while he is elderly he is still a distinguished gentleman. If he just wouldn’t talk so much.

    1. I have two Siamese Christoph – and I love the talking. I’ve had ‘meezers’ for many years and I love their constant chatter. This cat, Raymond, has a very quiet and sweet voice and a whole range of tones in which he says rrowrrp.

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