Double Trouble

Double Trouble, originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

Captured during a fierce storm on 7 October 2007, looking east from Terranora, north coast NSW, Australia

One of a pair of remarkable lightning bolt images captured that night.


2 thoughts on “Double Trouble”

  1. I can’t find the full folder of images from that night (very frustrating – I have a couple more drives to check). I have 4 good images. My usual practise is to set the camera up at the ‘photo window’ which is on an east facing glassed in verandah. Then I would set the exposure etc and the time (usually 15 secs) and let it do it’s thing and keep taking exposures until the storm ended or the batteries died. This storm lasted about 30 minutes (the lightning part) before heavy rain came and obscured the view. When I find the folder of images I’ll come back and let you know.

    On the night I took the lightning man (Whip of Fire shot) I took 70 odd images over 30 minutes or so for that one really good one and a couple of very ‘also rans’.

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