Planetary conjunction 1st May 2011

I woke up at my usual early worm time of 4.30am, ambled out to the computer, played about for a bit, then for some reason had a look at my Stellarium program, which showed me THIS conjunction of 4 planets and the moon. From the top Venus and Mercury with the waning moon to the left, and below Mars (faint) and Jupiter (brighter and slightly lower).

You never saw anyone scramble for the camera and tripod so fast in your whole life!

See, night owls, getting up early IS worth it.

H2 / P20 / HC50-110 zoom @ 85mm / f8 / 6secs / ISO 100


2 thoughts on “Planetary conjunction 1st May 2011”

  1. Merv, they will be good until the end of May, a golden opportunity for photographers, especially if you can get something good in the foreground. You can download the free astronomy program Stellarium (just google it) and set the dates ahead so you can see how it will look.

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