Stunning Time Lapse video and music

I found the most stunning time lapse video on Vimeo (I had seen his Aurora before and then came across this one).  It is worth watching all three, though, they are so beautiful.

The music was especially composed by a very talented young lady, Marika Takeuchi,  Boston composer and pianist
( &

The video was shot using two different cameras plus a host of other equipment (list equipment below), and the data-set for the film itself totaled over 9TB. It took 2-3 week just to compile all the data, and according to Sørgjerd the resolution of the final product was 8 times that of 1080P Full HD.

The entire film was shot in Lofoten, Norway, an area that consists of 7 islands and no more than 24,000 inhabitants, and lies at about the same latitude as Greenland and Alaska. During the day, the temperature (in the spring) hits about 60 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, but drops 20 to 40 degrees once the sun sets.


  • 2 Canon 5D Mark II
  • Canon 16-35mm/2.8 II
  • Canon 17mm TS/E
  • Canon 85mm 1.2
  • Sigma 120-400mm
  • The Stage-One dolly from
  • Lee Graduated Neutral Density filters and a polarizer
  • 4 Manfrotto tripods

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