Lunar Eclipse tomorrow morning (16/06/2011)

I am going to try a time lapse shoot of the eclipse in the morning to see if I can do one of those Time lapse videos.

I will go just up the road where there are nice mountain silhouettes for a backdrop.  I can take the van and sit in comfort with thermos of hot coffee and laptop.  If anyone wants to join me email me BEFORE 6pm tonight – it will be early dinner and bed.

And another total lunar eclipse – visible from all of Australia – happens on 10-11 Sept – article on IceinSpace forum @ will give you all the info you need.

The H2 lets you set it up for interval timing with up to 255 exposures. I’m going to do a ‘test run’ at moonrise tonight (I can set it up on my verandah facing east).  I thought I would make it Aperture priority on f8, ISO will be 100 or 200 (it’s a noisy bugger), and manual focus of course.  I can choose Number of exposures, from 2 – 255; and Interval duration, from 1 second – 24 hours.  30 secs was suggested on IceinSpace which probably sounds about right.

Hopefully I will have beautiful results to display for you tomorrow – my fingers and toes are firmly crossed!

The shot below is from the 26 June 2010 partial eclipse shot with the Lumix FZ35

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