Cape Byron Light

Cape Byron Light, originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

Another shot from my November 2009 visit to Cape Byron. I like the looking up aspect images as they give some sense of the immensity of the lighthouse when you are close to it. The structure has a great ‘presence’.
On this particular morning I had decided the night before to set off early for sunrise at Cape Byron in November 2010, I woke up nice and early – 3am, it’s a 45 min drive and we have daylight saving. I’d assembled everything the day before, charged the batteries, cleared the media cards, made the coffee bag ready. I just had to boil the kettle for the thermos and get dressed.
And it’s raining – and I mean pelting down. I’d hoped for gorgeous red skies etc. I lay under my nice warm doona with my Siamese of the bedchamber, Miss Honey Bunny, cuddled up beside me and I nearly didn’t go! In the end I had a quick peek at the weather radar online and decided as I’d gone to all the trouble . . . and clouds might be interesting . . . So glad I did!

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