Lunar Eclipse Montage, June 2011

Lunar Eclipse Montage, originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

I thought I had posted this ‘back when’ but I didn’t. So here is my take on the recent (very dark) lunar eclipse.

I set up my camera to do timed interval shots in batches of 10. These are images taken 10 mins apart starting at 0426 and finishing at 0535 (yes, my minutes didn’t come out exactly because I varied the interval as I went along). As the sun set during totality we don’t get the last phases.

I’ve always wanted to do one of these and am quite pleased with this one.

Taken from Terranora, far north coast NSW, looking west (of course) with Hasselblad H2 / PhaseOne P20 back / HC 50-110 zoom

montage 10min intervals


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