The Red Leaf

The Red Leaf , originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

A shot from my trip up Currumbin Creek – you could truly say I was ‘up the creek’ (a great Aussie ‘affectionate’ insult) , especially when I slipped and landed flat on my back and ended up lying there, a camera in each hand stuck safely in the air, and although it hurt like blazes, laughing my head off – in January 2010. It was supposed to be a camera forum meetup but only 1 guy showed up, however we got some great shots.

THis is the creek well above the Natural Arch, I walked right up to the end of the path to the old sawmill site then kept going from there. Luckily we had been in drought, you cannot get up there, as you have to rock hop in the creek, in wet weather.

Detail from a pool well upstream.

H2 | P20 | HC f2.8 80mm

2 thoughts on “The Red Leaf”

    1. I’m none too steady, David, I’ve had both Achilles tendons operated on and have a dicky knee too! I now tend to use the monopod or my hiking stick everywhere, but I didn’t have either that day. Worth it though, I have some great shots.

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