Tasmanian Oast Houses

On Sunday 30 October 2011, two fellow RedBubblers, Brett & Greg, showed me some of the Oast Houses in the Derwent Valley.  We visited a couple of commonly known ones first, then, near Bushy Park, Brett spotted one from the road, and I decided to boldly intrude as the entry looked more like a laneway than a driveway, and Voila!   A site they hadn’t been to!  It turned out to be the Bushy Park complex, established by Ebenezer Shoebridge in the mid 1800s.  We spent the last of the golden hour there, it is spectacular.

I found a very interesting history of the Derwent Valley Oasthouses by John Redecker

No 1 – a rather well known Oast House on on the Valleyford estate along the Lyell Hwy just west of the New Norfolk bridge across the Derwent

No 2 -Shooter’s Kiln –  a rather more dilapidated example further west on the Lyell Hwy and on the opposite side of the road.  The ‘weeds’ in the foreground are actually hop plants – the raison d’etre for the whole enterprise.

Then after some landscape work we went to Bushy PArk and I found the wonderful site with several oast houses and other buildings. It is also has a Junior Angling Pond for members of the New Norfolk Licensed Anglers’ Association which gave us stunning reflections.
Bushy Park Oast House – the Text Kiln #1

Bushy Park Oast House – the Text Kiln #2

Bushy Park Oast House #2


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