Flooded! And my images published.

It has been absolutely pouring all week.  We had a brief respite yesterday, but it is bucketing down again.  Our rain so far for the week to 9am yesterday for the 3 days was 272.5 – we’ll be reading it soon. And it is still coming.

Updated: 24 hours to 9am Friday 27 Jan 2012 – 49mm  Weeks’s total to 9am – 311.5

We went out Wednesday morning and got the 9kg gas bottle filled in case of power outages, and stocked up with groceries, to make sure we had enough cat food, veges etc. All the roads we used were closed by 1pm!

I sent seven pics from out morning excursion, including the one above, to the Tweed News and they are in their photo gallery from the floods. The #10-16 are mine – has my name at the top.

The ABC website also used this image.

And the Sydney Morning Herald website slideshow has used them too.  Nice to get a bit of coverage!


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