The Transit of Venus

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I planned only to watch this as I didn’t have a camera to photograph it (so I was thinking) due top the H2/P20 communicatyion problem.  Then I had a brainwave.

I was looking at the eclipse glasses I have (from the 1999 WA annular – I tested them beforehand to make sure there were no holes by projecting the sun through on to a sheet of white paper – and had the sudden inspiration that they might be big enough to cover the camera lens. So with some fiddling and argy bargy, I have done it!

Below is my highly technical setup – note the rubber bands from the bunches of asparagus we had for breakfast on Sunday. When the lens is zoomed out – it’s not in this shot because the battery was on the charger – the glasses sit flush against the lens.

Pretty good result, ‘eh?  I’m pleased with it.


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