Broadfoot – NSW north coast band

On the evening of 19 June Warwick & I decided to treat ourselves to a night out.  So, feed the 6 cats early dinner and off we went for Brunswick Heads.  We stayed the night at the Hotel Brunswick (Brunswick Heads NSW), where we enjoyed a fine meal and were agreeably surprised by the quality and talent of the band.  Previously unknown to us, Broadfoot is a northern NSW group who perform all round the area.  If you have a chance to go and hear them, don’t miss it!

I shot some good stuff (for my first ever venture into live music photography) with the 1DsMkII & 50mm f1.8 lens.



2 thoughts on “Broadfoot – NSW north coast band”

  1. Hi Odille, really like your site. There are some terrific photos – those whale and seagull ones are amazing. Of course we really like the pics and kind words about Broadfoot – many thanks.

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