I Had a Whale of a Time!


I have been out a few times this year with the terrific crew of the Whale Watcher from Coolangatta Whale watch. Tony gets you into great spots for photos.  Yesterday (6 August) we only saw two whales, one was a quiet swimmer, and then off in the distance, way out past a big ship (yes, I’ll post that shot in a moment) we saw a whale breaching. So over we went, and were rewarded with quite a few breaches from a fairly active whale.

The ship – I thought it was too good to pass up – never know when you might want a shot of a big ship in the image library!  I have about 20 now, from all angles.
First wonderful breach was straight up but I missed it!  Then he did what I called the Fosbury Flop – appropriate in this time of the Olympics and especially as this is an Australian east Coast humpback. Don’t know the reference? – see here.

Then he raised a splash with his tail.
And I caught the landing from the next breach.  The experts offer us hundreds of reasons as to why whales breach.  But looking at the next two photos I reckon at times it is just sheer joy of being alive.  This chap was a lone whale, no females to impress, or other male ‘competition’ around, and yet he just kept doing it, and doing it . . .
All with the Canon 1DsMkII & Sigma 150-500
I have also made a new calendar called Cetacea on RedBubble.  RB calendars are A3 size, portrait format with a landscape photo and date box underneath, and sprial bound. The quality is excellent and the images are on a good enough quality paper to be framed after the year has ended.  They make excellent Christmas presents for family and friends.  Cover shot reproduced below and you can see all my Calendars at my calendar page on RedBubble.  Oriced at $35.00.  RB usually have a sakle about october with 15% off for multi calendar orders – and it can be a mixed lot of different subject calendars so long as you order a minimum number – I think it is 6.  I will post a reminder here when it is on.

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