A Sunday of Surf and Seagulls

I collected a friend and we toodled down to Duranbah to check out see the big swell which had been forecast.  It turned out to be not so big and was producing disorganised waves, but we were there, we’d lugged our big lenses down, so we grabbed some shots anyway!  All the surf shots are with the canon 40D (to give more ‘reach) and Sigma 150-500 – at 500 for all images.

I liked this one, I was shooting for the 2 figures but the pointy end of the 3rd board sort of gives it an endless line feel, if you know what I mean.

And I shot a couple of runs (up to 15 shots – see them on my website) of this fellow due to the fact that (a) we got talking to his dad who was videoing him, and (b) he was easy to pick out because his wettie was a bit ‘different’ with white at the top and down one arm.  I do wish there were more light coloured wetties – it would make the job of exposure much easier!

And those seagulls?  It came over showery so we went for a bit of a drive south to Hastings Point – where we purchased lunch at the great take away by the caravan park and drove out to the point and threw chips to the seagulls.  All seagull shots with 40D & canon 50mm f1.8.

This is actually two seagulls, I was a bit stumped at first by this apparently strangely formed seagull until I realised!

I call thius one ‘The Birds’ in a nod to AH!

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