Three Wonderful mornings

On Thursday I started a new part time job, which helps to support the photography compulsion, and after almost 3 years without wiork it needs a biit of a funds injection!

When I woke up, a little later than usual, I went to the kitchen for a glass of ewater and saw a fantastic sunrise shaping up.

The result was this stunner I called Fat Old Sun – yes, a nod to the Floyd here, I love their music.

The next morning was almost a reapeat of the day before, resulting in another great sunrise.

Both Mamiya 645DF & Mamiya 105-210 @ 130mm & 105mm respectively.

Yesterday I decided to travel down to Cabarita Beach & headland for the sunrise.  I was hoping for some slow water over rocks with a nice red sun rising.  Unfortunately I committed the photographer’s cardinal sin of not physically scouting out the exact location first!  The result was I was not in the best spot and so missed the shot I hoped for.  I did end up with some interesting closer up sand shots thought.  I’ve processed these to be fanciful, not something I often do but there you go!

Today’s an at home day but who know what sunrise from the kitchen might throw up today!


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