Another whale of a time!

Today we saw 6 or 7 glorious breaches and this was the best your fearless photographer could do. I just kept being in the wrong spot in the boat. One of those days. But I had a thoroughly enjoyable (if frustrating) time and got a plethora of lovely whale tail shots.

But firstly, while waiting at the dock a pair of ospreys flew to the mast of a boat moored nearby, a nice little bonus!  The first one on got the good perch and the other bird had a frustrating time trying to balance and eventually flew off, in disgust, I imagine!

This whale was breaching right by Cook Island, just off Fingal.


The next shots are of a whale who seemed to be having (ahem) a whale of a time.  He tail slapped so vigourously and at least 20 or 25 times – just over, and over, and over again.  I have about 30 shots.



Nicki, the whale expert on board – she is a marine biologist who has studied humpbacks all over the world – assured us this next view showed he is a male.  I’ll take her word for it!


We left this guy then and saw a few more, with one excellent shot resulting.

I do have some more for editing but these are the outstanding ones.



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