Dawn at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head, NSW

On Sunday 01 October I dragged myself up at 0130 and collected a friend at her house at 0300 and we set off for Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head (about 90kms south). Lake Ainsworth is a freshwater lake with distinctive tannin-stained waters from the surrounding tea trees which make stunning shots possible when the conditions are right.

Lake Ainsworth was named after James Ainsworth, Thomas Ainsworth’s son. The Ainsworths were one of the first European families to take up land in the region, settling on the North Head of Ballina in 1847. The Lake is situated north of the town and 50 metres behind the dunes.

We’d hoped for mist rising as we had a few drops of rain the night before but it was not to be. Still achieved some nice images.  I plan to go back and stay at the adjacent caravan park and do a sunset, night and dawn shoot.

Mamiya 645DF & Leaf 22


One thought on “Dawn at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head, NSW”

  1. Great photos. Which side of the lake were you on when you took these photos? I’m headed that way next week.

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