More Aurora action

For those who are keen photographers, a visit to Tassie may see you lucky enough to experience an aurora.  Usually you can only see them in camera, they are not often strong enough to be visible to the naked eye.  But you can get some fabulous shots.  I’ve only caught two so far, so my shots are, as yet, far from perfect, but this is a sample from the night of 21/22 october 2014.

All taken from the Gordon jetty, down the Huon, and with Canon 1DsMkII and Tokina 20-35mm AT-X 235 AF PRO lens.

aurora21102014_FF and meteor_I7U3339 aurora21102014_FF_I7U3340 aurora21102014_FF_I7U3337 aurora21102014_FF_I7U3318 aurora21102014_FF_I7U3346


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