The American Solar Eclipse, 21 August 2017

Well, wouldn’t I love to visit the US for this. I can dream, you understand, to do it in reality is probably out of my financial reach.

I could start up in Washington where Warwick has relatives, hire a camper van, drive down to SC (Hello Scott Mitchell) where totality is, then I’d love to wind my way up via Denver at least (always wanted to see it) to Seattle (Hello Maribeth Culpepper), turn in camper van, maybe squeeze in some visiting in Canada and fly home.
I sure wouldn’t be able to see everything but there has to be some nice scenery along the way.
I will start looking into what I can sell. My body won’t do it, all those 5cent bits would weigh too much on the plane.

See the EclipseWise page for all about the eclipse and an interactive map

So, where are all my US friends located?  Working from north to south and east to west.

Jessica Lear Russell is in Maine.

Warwick’s rellies are near Washington

Scott Mitchell is in Georgia

The eclipse is not too far from him, totality in Tennessee is not far to the north – by our Aussie standards of distance, anyway. I am looking at small places, Spring City looks well located as does Sweetwater, Tellico Plains and Andrews – all on or close to the line of totality.  I’d plan to get to the area a couple of days before and suss out the best spot.  The map below shows possible places – the green GE marker is Greatest Eclipse, the red ones are the general area I’d consider.  I will avoid that as many people go there to try and get ‘perfect’ oval shapes for the eclipse sun, I’m not that fussy and quieter sots are best, IMHO!

The map showing sites I'd like to check out IF i
The map showing sites I’d like to check out IF i

It’s a pity it falls right in summer, accommodation wise, but good weather wise.  It looks as though most Tennessee schools are back by mid-August, though, that’s a relief.

Maribeth Culpepper is way over the other side in Seattle – I plan to end up there, but it could turn round and start put there.  Will depend on fares etc and, of course, finances overall.

The ole buckaroos are the big problem, naturally, as they are to us all,  We’re on a fixed income, so I’ll have to devise some means of money making.  Any and all suggestions very welcome!

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