Who is Odille?

About me

Growing up in a rural environment I have always been intrigued by nature, the landscape and the night sky.  I love the colours and contrasts of the natural world and the creatures inhabiting it.

I have travelled around NSW, some of southern Qld and in Tasmania, and have some inspiring images from these spots.  I also have a big love of the south island of New Zealand, particularly the south-west corner encompassing Lake Wakatipu and Fiordland, and want to share my images with a wider audience.

Launching a website is the culmination of a long held dream to show my photography to the world and hopefully to give you lasting enjoyment by hanging in the wall of your home.

I hope you enjoy viewing my images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

Background & Training

I first picked up a camera at about 7, my Mum’s old Franca rangefinder, and it ignited a passion that has guttered and flared, but never died. My mother, and my grandfather before her, were keen photographers and I still have many little 2×3″ snaps that I enjoy trawling through.  After a raft of small instamatic type cameras I purchased my first SLR in my 20s. Film was expensive but I stretched the budget shot roll after roll.

In the late 1970s I completed the first 2 years of a 4 year Professional Photography Certificate at the Canberra Technical and Further Education, but was defeated by the physics of lenses and gave it up to work full time, unfortunately not in photography. But the groundings of the course are still with me in the lessons I learned about the building blocks of a good image.

A long hiatus intervened during which I took photos only sporadically, but my enthusiasm was fully rekindled when, in 2004, I purchased my first digital SLR. While I have a huge respect for photographers continuing to use film, and indeed I still have that capability as the Hasselblad will take a film back, I am currently only shooting digital images.

I now shoot full time with medium format digital (Hasselblad) and Phase One digital back, but many of the images here were shot on my previous kit of professional Canon equipment.

Photography Tours

I hope to be able to conduct photography tours for small groups to Australian and NZ destinations in the not too distant future, I am investigating the licenses and permits necessary.  Watch this space!

This blog will feature my photographic forays, and my thoughts on trends in photography and so on.  Enjoy!

And please leave comments, that’s what makes a blog go round!

Images can be purchased at my Red Bubble site, or from my gallery at Fine Arts America (FAA) for north American viewers (the links on the right hand side of the Home page).  FAA offers vastly more presentation options (double matting, more frame options etc) but clients outside north America need to bear postage costs in mind when ordering.  If you see an image on RedBubble that is not on FAA and you wish to purchase from FAA, please email me and I will load it up for you.  I am adding work daily but it is a slow process!

You can email me analog6@onthenet.com.au or telephone +61 7 5590 4442 and please leave a message on the answering machine (note this phone is usually unattended but I will get back to you ASAP).


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