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4 October is World Animal Day.  Red Bubble is supporting The Nature Conservancy by offering a discount and a contribution to the Nature Conservacy.

Purchase from RB using the code ‘wildthings’ between now and October 4th and you’ll not only get 5% off your order, they’ll donate another 5% to support The Nature Conservancy in protecting nature and conserving habitats around the globe.

To support this special initiative (that sounds SO stuffy!) I have placed special reduced prices for mounted, framed and canvas prints and posters on 3 of my best whale images from the current season – ‘Big, Beautiful Fluke‘, ‘Joy of Life‘ and ‘Up & Over #2 with Mt Warning

Hustle on over and grab one before it’s all over.  Strictly until 4 october, on 5 october these images will go back to being only available as postcards and posters at RB, and prints at the normal price from my website.




SPECIAL OFFER! One only canvas print.

A 1 metre x 1/2 metre canvas for just $200 plus postage.  (Solid colour wrap  NOT canvas wrap.)

This my most popular image on the net over all my galleries and webpages, and most viewed, featured and commented on at RedBubble.

I will have another image, By Road or Lake,  as a canvas soon for the same price

I calculated the Courier delivery to various capital cities as follows: Brisbane $23, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide all $29, Hobart $37, Perth $37, Darwin $42

The Transit of Venus

available as cards & prints from my Red Bubble shop

I planned only to watch this as I didn’t have a camera to photograph it (so I was thinking) due top the H2/P20 communicatyion problem.  Then I had a brainwave.

I was looking at the eclipse glasses I have (from the 1999 WA annular – I tested them beforehand to make sure there were no holes by projecting the sun through on to a sheet of white paper – and had the sudden inspiration that they might be big enough to cover the camera lens. So with some fiddling and argy bargy, I have done it!

Below is my highly technical setup – note the rubber bands from the bunches of asparagus we had for breakfast on Sunday. When the lens is zoomed out – it’s not in this shot because the battery was on the charger – the glasses sit flush against the lens.

Pretty good result, ‘eh?  I’m pleased with it.

Lake Wakatipu at Dusk

And before you ask, yes, there is a little digital mischief here. The moon is from a frame on the same day about 2 hours earlier, I just wanted to experiment. I like the look though so it is staying.  I also made up and added a texture over the whole thing just to give it a bit more ‘artistic’ feel.

This whole area is various National Parks and I am not sure which one we are looking at, but it’s all beautiful. Taken at Kinloch at the head of the lake looking east towards the Glenorchy shore Canon 1DsMkII & 24-105

Vale Andy Irons

Vale Andy Irons, originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

A great talent and nice guy lost to the surfing and sporting community.

Shown here winning his heat at the 2008 Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks.

PLEASE NOTE: I have made this pic available via my RedBubble shop and have set this print to a NIL% markup – I make no profit from this image, it is up here as a tribute ony.