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An Early Morning Outing

Woke up nice and early – never a problem – but actually managed to motivate myself out of the house! And I was rewarded by a fine sunrise. Initially went round to Saunderlands Rd to opposite the zinc works hoping for those lovely plumes of smoke/steam I have seen, but the woind was so fierce I didn’t bpother, as there was just one thin little stream.
On the way back stopped where the turnoff is, though, and shot a few looking north to the Bowen Bridge, hoping for nice cloudscapes. Not too bad, more experimentation needed.
Then went on to Granton and stopped opposite the pub near the old railway station, for a very nice cloudscape for sunrise.
I have played a bit for different effects with the colour balance and tint.
All Fuji X-M1 and Samyang 12mm f2, except the panorama wich is Fuji X-T1 and 14-55 lens
6 shot portrait format pano
6 shot portrait format pano
Bowen Bridge from the start of Saunderson Rd


Bowen Bridge from the start of Saunderson Rd #2









I planned to be up nice and early for the pool this morning for my swim – they open at 5.30am and I usually swim then so I am done for the day and it beats the heat.  But today I woke at 2.15 am and could not get bnack to sleep, then dropped off and slept til 5.30am.  And when I looked out of the window and saw this glorious cloudbank out of the window the pool was abandoned for the camera.


3 shot pano in portrait mode, 1DsMkII & 50mm f1.8.

First Sunrise of the New Year

I dragged myself out of bed at a very unGodly hour to catch the first sunrise of 2013 from Currumbin Alley at the rock platform.

It was gloriously pink to start but that was short lived new-eyar's-dqy-2013-_I7U8422

It was gloriously pink to start, but that was short lived and soon the Sun’s orange influence began to be felt.


The last rays before the Sun popped out of the cloud were lovely.

A good morning’s work if I do say so myself.

Dawn at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head, NSW

On Sunday 01 October I dragged myself up at 0130 and collected a friend at her house at 0300 and we set off for Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head (about 90kms south). Lake Ainsworth is a freshwater lake with distinctive tannin-stained waters from the surrounding tea trees which make stunning shots possible when the conditions are right.

Lake Ainsworth was named after James Ainsworth, Thomas Ainsworth’s son. The Ainsworths were one of the first European families to take up land in the region, settling on the North Head of Ballina in 1847. The Lake is situated north of the town and 50 metres behind the dunes.

We’d hoped for mist rising as we had a few drops of rain the night before but it was not to be. Still achieved some nice images.  I plan to go back and stay at the adjacent caravan park and do a sunset, night and dawn shoot.

Mamiya 645DF & Leaf 22

Three Wonderful mornings

On Thursday I started a new part time job, which helps to support the photography compulsion, and after almost 3 years without wiork it needs a biit of a funds injection!

When I woke up, a little later than usual, I went to the kitchen for a glass of ewater and saw a fantastic sunrise shaping up.

The result was this stunner I called Fat Old Sun – yes, a nod to the Floyd here, I love their music.

The next morning was almost a reapeat of the day before, resulting in another great sunrise.

Both Mamiya 645DF & Mamiya 105-210 @ 130mm & 105mm respectively.

Yesterday I decided to travel down to Cabarita Beach & headland for the sunrise.  I was hoping for some slow water over rocks with a nice red sun rising.  Unfortunately I committed the photographer’s cardinal sin of not physically scouting out the exact location first!  The result was I was not in the best spot and so missed the shot I hoped for.  I did end up with some interesting closer up sand shots thought.  I’ve processed these to be fanciful, not something I often do but there you go!

Today’s an at home day but who know what sunrise from the kitchen might throw up today!

A Fiery Start to the Day

Sunrise yesterday was very dramatic. I went to the kitchen sink to get a glass of water and saw this and hotfooted it out to the verandah. The Mamiya was downstairs so I went with the canon as the light was changing rapidly.

When I first opened this with Adobe Camera Raw I was unhappy with what I was getting – looked too much, even unprocessed. But after a bit if a play in Capture One and a slight curves adjustment in PS4, this is pretty much as it was. There were more pink tones, but it’s close.

Canon 1DsMkII, 17-40L f4 @ 40mm

Heads Up for big swells SEQ/NNSW coast – surf photos anyone?

With the east coast low currently off the coast there are big swells forecast for the next few days, accompanied by morning time low tides which will be well suited to surf/ocean photography.  I’ll be off to D’bah/Snapper tomorrow and probaly Monday & Tuesday too.  If anyone wants to meet up email me (I have it enabled here) for my mobile # and give me yours so I can program you in – I only answer relevant calls when I am out shooting – then just come down and look for the big yellow Kia van and ring me if you cannot find me.

Source for this is Willy Weather –


Time of Low Tide(am)

Swell (m)





















Lake Wakatipu at Dusk

And before you ask, yes, there is a little digital mischief here. The moon is from a frame on the same day about 2 hours earlier, I just wanted to experiment. I like the look though so it is staying.  I also made up and added a texture over the whole thing just to give it a bit more ‘artistic’ feel.

This whole area is various National Parks and I am not sure which one we are looking at, but it’s all beautiful. Taken at Kinloch at the head of the lake looking east towards the Glenorchy shore Canon 1DsMkII & 24-105