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My Website Updated

I have updated the Portfolios at my website to the new Gallery layout (thanks PhotoMerchant!). Have a look and let me know what you think.

Click on the ‘Play Slideshow’ button to watch – they take a minute or so to load but then speed is good.


Flooded! And my images published.

It has been absolutely pouring all week.  We had a brief respite yesterday, but it is bucketing down again.  Our rain so far for the week to 9am yesterday for the 3 days was 272.5 – we’ll be reading it soon. And it is still coming.

Updated: 24 hours to 9am Friday 27 Jan 2012 – 49mm  Weeks’s total to 9am – 311.5

We went out Wednesday morning and got the 9kg gas bottle filled in case of power outages, and stocked up with groceries, to make sure we had enough cat food, veges etc. All the roads we used were closed by 1pm!

I sent seven pics from out morning excursion, including the one above, to the Tweed News and they are in their photo gallery from the floods. The #10-16 are mine – has my name at the top.

The ABC website also used this image.

And the Sydney Morning Herald website slideshow has used them too.  Nice to get a bit of coverage!

The Green Dream

The Green Dream, originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

When you step into the Paradise Valley’s beech forests it is very easy to see why NZ was chosen to film the Lord of the Rings movies.

It’s deep and green and the further in you go the quieter and more mystical it seems. This scene is only 50 or so metres from the edge of the forest yet I could have been worlds away from the bus and civilisation.

H2/P20/80mm f2.8

Carissa Moore – 2011 Roxy winner

I went down to Snapper Rocks the day before (25 Feb 2011) the Quiksilver & Roxy Pros start to get a few shots of the folk practising. From checking out her board logos and looking at the girl’s websites I am now sure this is Carissa Moore executing some nice moves!

There were some seriously big waves and the break and beach look good for the competition.

And today – 6 March – Carissa Moore won the Roxy Pro 2011. Congratulations to Carissa!

Blue Frost Dreaming

Blue Frost Dreaming, originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

This is a shot of sunrise out near Armidale taken in March 2009 (I have a true colour shot in my portfolio here as well). For this interpretation, I set the white balance to tungsten and accentuated the blue, and cropped the top off the square format frame to intensify the colour.

I don’t often experiment in this way but just had the idea that this particular image might work this way when I saw another blue shot here on RedBubble.

H2/P20/ 80mm f2.8

Christchurch Trams

Christchurch Trams , originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

Another lovely one from Christchurch. The City Tour tram passing the (parked for the day) restaurant tram at Cathedral Square West, in Christchurch, May 2010.

Christchurch’s trams, punts and the gondola are all run by the one company. The restaurant tram was a treat my OH & I had promised ourselves for our next trip. I have no idea how long we’ll have to wait for it to be up and running again but hopefully it will be by the time we are ready to go next time.

All profits from my Christchurch pics will be going to the relief fund for the next 6 months at least, my small contribution to the relief effort.

Lumix FZ35

Uralla Railway Station, NSW (circa 1882)

Taken during my trip to the area in March 2010. I couldn’t decide whether to do the stationside or drive up views so I put them together!

THere is a tony bit of digital mischief, I removed the ‘toilets’ sign from the platform view image. It stood out like the proverbial sore thumb and looked just horrible.

1DsMkII & 24-105 lens

Uralla is a typical rural service town of some 2300 persons situated in hilly country 1005 metres above sea-level on the Northern Tablelands of New England region of New South Wales. It is 23 km south-west of Armidale. The district is renowned for superfine wool and cattle and characterised by extensive protrusions of granite.

Uralla calls itself ‘Thunderbolt Country’ and the town’s chief claims to fame are the grave of notorious bushranger Thunderbolt (Fred Ward) and Thunderbolt Rock outside the town, a large granite outcrop which has unfortunately been covered by graffiti in recent times.

The Anaiwan Aborigines occupied the area prior to the arrival of Europeans and it is from their language that the town’s name derives. It is said to refer to a ceremonial meeting place and lookout, situated on the top of a hill – possibly a reference to the two hills at the town’s north-western boundary.

The first white settler in the district was Edward Gostwyck Cory . He sold his property in 1834 to William Dangar who passed it on to his brother Henry who surveyed much of the Hunter Valley and the Liverpool Plains in the 1820s and 1830s, acquiring vast amounts of land in the process.

In the 1840s a tiny settlement sprang from what began as a shepherd’s out-station on the banks of Rocky Creek. A townsite was reserved in 1849 where a branch track departed from the Great North Road heading north-west along the Bundarra River. At this intersection Samuel McCrossin established an inn, where the town’s bowling greens are now located.

However, the town really began with the discovery of gold at Rocky River in 1851. A goldrush began the following year. The village was gazetted in 1855. The area also prospered from pastoral and agricultural pursuits. Wheat was a major focus and McCrossin established a large mill at Uralla in 1870. Still standing it now houses a museum.

The town was declared a municipality in 1882 when the railway arrived. After the First World War land was resumed at Kentucky, south of Uralla, for soldier settlement and orcharding began.

Duranbah surfer 25 Feb 2011 #5

I went down to Snapper Rocks today before the Quiksilver & Roxy Pros start to get a few shots of the folk practising. There were some seriously big waves and the break and beach look good for the competition.

Then I moved on down to Duranbah where the water really was this glorious blue green and it was so beautiful with some big waves coming through from time to time.

I liked this one for the perfect shape and carved look of the wave.

h2/p20/210 f4 – db2502-100_7580copy