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Hobart’s DARK MOFO Winter Festival

Images from my visits to this year’s DARK MOFO Festival. I’ll add to these as I go. The first two are from the first evening of the event, the Entitle ones are from a mid week visit to town, and on the evening of 19 June I met up with friends in town and we had a wander.
The Night ship was also shot on 19 June, prior to the meet up, but I made a bad choice of location, there were far too many lights behind it. Try again today or tomorrow.
The Theme this year is paint the town red, and the Tasman Bridge and some buildings have embraced the theme and gone red.
The Tasman Bridge done red for Dark Mofo's 2015 theme of paint the town red.
The Tasman Bridge done red for Dark Mofo’s 2015 theme of paint the town red.
The Grand Chancellor Hotel has joined in the 'red' theme for Dark Mofo
The Grand Chancellor Hotel has joined in the ‘red’ theme for Dark Mofo
Pulse/Spectra beam: A powerful light shining straight up from the city beats in time with the pulse of a person touching a special sensor.
The Pulse beam from the South Arm.  It is widely visible from Hobart's outlying suburbs.
The Pulse beam from the South Arm. It is widely visible from Hobart’s outlying suburbs.
The Night Ship and the Pulse beam against a backdrop of Hobart's waterfront
The Night Ship and the Pulse beam against a backdrop of Hobart’s waterfront

Anthony McCall’s Night Ship:

“A dark ship sails nightly from Tinderbox to Mona via the city’s harbour. At regular intervals, a powerful pencil-slim searchlight radiates from the vessel to illuminate the adjacent shore. Anchors away; you’ll hear it coming.”

The Night Ship coming up the Derwent.  Pity about the other boat!  It also has a low, mournful horn blasting at intervals
The Night Ship coming up the Derwent. Pity about the other boat! It also has a low, mournful horn blasting at intervals

And the Waterfront

The Pulse beam id located in the old Mercury building in the city and has a long line of punters waiting every evening to have the light pulse to their heartbeat.
The Pulse beam id located in the old Mercury building in the city and has a long line of punters waiting every evening to have the light pulse to their heartbeat.
Waterfront and Pulse beam
Waterfront and Pulse beam

Amanda Parer’s ‘Entitle’

Launceston artist Amanda Parer's 'Entitle' installation
Launceston artist Amanda Parer’s ‘Entitle’ installation
Close up of Launceston artist Amanda Parer's 'Entitle' installation
Close up of Launceston artist Amanda Parer’s ‘Entitle’ installation
Close up of Launceston artist Amanda Parer's 'Entitle' installation
Close up of Launceston artist Amanda Parer’s ‘Entitle’ installation
Artist statement for Launceston artist Amanda Parer's 'Entitle' installation
Artist statement for Launceston artist Amanda Parer’s ‘Entitle’ installation

Bastiaan Maris’ Fire Organ installation:

“This massive structure of old steel tubing drones and hums at low frequencies beneath harmonically tuned flame-throwers blasting fire and heat into the night sky.”  Dark Mofo handout info.

Fire Organ.  Gouts of flame break off and briery float away before disintegrating.  You can see one to the left of it here.
Fire Organ. Gouts of flame break off and briefly float away before disintegrating. You can see one to the left of it here.
The Fire Organ #2
The Fire Organ #2

SO enter the date into your diaries, folk, DARK MOFO is really worth a visit, make your plans for next year NOW.  Accommodation books out very fast.

You might like to consider our garden cabin, available at $45 per night, or a little less if you have your own bedding and linen.  See the Cabin on Elanore website.


A meander in the Tasmanian midlands and Cradle Mountain

I have just completed a 4 day photo trip. Starting on Sunday 26 october, I went to Waddamanna for the Hydro 100 yr anniversary.  The day was very well conducted and the Power Station Museum was very interesting.  You can guarantee getting excited as they have an Exciter.  If it doesn’t so the trick, then I’m sorry, you must be dead 🙂 .  And the Caledonian Pipe band played wonderfully ALL day! exciter DSCF1359 cooker DSCF1372 pipe band DSCF1392 great lake DSCF1397         Then I travelled along Highland Lakes Rd (my first ever ‘A’ class road with long stretches of gravel – its quite a shock), spending my first night at an absolute gem of a caravan park I discovered via the internet – the Quamby Corner Caravan Park at Golden Valley.  Great cooking and ablution facilities, cheap accommodation, and so pretty.  Only $16 for a powered site for one person, $25 for 2 people. DSCF1418 DSCF1420 DSCF1422 DSCF1423 DSCF1426 DSCF1427 DSCF1428 DSCF1429 DSCF1430 DSCF1431               Monday 27 October I travelled on to Cradle Mountain via Deloraine, Sheffield &Moina. Mt Roland is truly impressive and reminded me of the Lord of the Rings country in NZ, it’s all granite fissures and changing clouds. mt roland fuji DSCF1444mt roland #2 DSCF1447 I had 2 nights at Discovery Holiday Parks – Cradle Mountain.  The weather was wild and woolly for the whole time at Cradle, but the kitchen/rec room has 2 lovely big open fires.  On Monday I arrived early afternoon, and drove down to to Dove Lake about 3.30 pm. spending just on 2 hours.  The weather went from rain to patches of sun and then granular snow and back again.  The wind was gusting ferociously the whole time and the lake surface was all little white caps.  I walked around to the boat house and back- with photo taking the ’10 min walk’ took me over an hour.  With my bad ankle and knee (opposite legs, of course!) I have to be super careful not to fall. 1Ds pano 1 DOVE LAKE 2 DSCF1491_edited-1 Day 2 was even more extreme, heavy snow gusts then some brightening patches.  I had a look at the Waldheim site (hopefully staying in the Waldheim cabins next time).  It snowed heavily, with big flakes, while i was there, so heavily I debated going back and not proceeding to Dove lake, but I did go on as the shuttle buses were still doing so. At times you couldn’t see your hand held up in front of your face, and I wore what my partner warwick calls my hobbit cloak (because it is green and has a hood), it may not look very glam but it’s (a) warm, (b) fairly waterproof and (c) I can hold the cameras under it, keeping them warm and dry.  I walked around to the big rock as I wanted to get the boat house from across the lake to give a ‘dwarfed by the mountains’ feel to it.  I shot quite a few macro shots of the flora too, on the walk.  This was prompted by a comment from a fellow walker that it was all so dull.  Dull!  I think she wanted bunting and flags.  Again, the 10 min walk took me about an hour!  I contemplated the climb up the rock but my ankle was singing ‘Oh Susannah!’ by that time so I decided discretion etc was wise. _I7U3399 _I7U3436 _I7U3445 _I7U3493 _I7U3498 _I7U3504 _I7U3507 _I7U3511 _I7U3519 _I7U3524 lake pano sun snowy_edited-1 Home via Mole Creek and along the other side of Mt Roland, just as impressive as the initial impression, then to Deloraine, and across back roads, all tarred and good surfaces (except 8 kmns of dirt on the last leg, but good surface), Osmaston, Bracknell, Cressy and Macquarie Rd to Ross (where diesel was just 153c p/l!).  I must say I was not over impressed with Ross (I probably just committed Tasmanian tourism heresy).  I drove to the town map, as I was hanging out for some food and a coffee.  It showed a lovely riverside spot and seats for picnicking.  Drove there, and thou go round the corner to the river to be greeted by a very unfriendly (and inaccurate) Keep Out – caravan park patrons only.  The caravan park actually didn’t start til the end of the road, but I went anyway, and sat by the river. It was so windy there that I had to eat in the car, when I tried the picnic table my lunch blew off! When I ducked in for a quick look at Oatlands it was far more friendly, and down by Lake Dulverton, near the historic mill, there is even an lovely FREE area for caravans and motorhomes to park for the night. More photos to come as I edit

Valentine’s Day Surf at Duranbah

‘Twas a beautiful morning yesterday and I had a very early errand at Murillumbah, so I decided I might as well take the cameras (I always do anyway) and head down to the beach afterwards. I went by Snapper first but it is already closed off for the upcoming Quiksilver & Roxy events (they don’t start until 2 March!).

So I mosied on down to D’bah where the durf was small but nicely shaped waves and a beautiful clear vlue green colour.

Here’s a few from the day.  Click on the photo to link to my website image, and check out the whole gallery of 2013 Gold Coast/northen NSW surfing shots.  I am adding more all the time.

dbah-20130214-IMG_4910 dbah-20130214-IMG_4971







Yesterday’s excusions and alarms

Yesterday morning I set off to the north to photograph the huge C17A Globemasters as they did a fly over of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.  I was on the beach at the end of heron Ave, not sure what suburb – and my research of checking the maps on the RAAF site paid off, I was right where they did banking turns at the end of their run down the coast.  Quite pleased with this shot.  Canon 1DsMkII & Sigma 150-500, this is a full frame shot, no cropping.

Then at 1030 last night I  awakened to the crack of thunder – staggered out to the east facing verandah to see if there was any lightning worth getting the camera out for.  I took 25 shots for 2 keepers.  Both ISO 160/f8/15 secs with 1DsMkII & 17-40 f4 L.



Dawn at Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head, NSW

On Sunday 01 October I dragged myself up at 0130 and collected a friend at her house at 0300 and we set off for Lake Ainsworth at Lennox Head (about 90kms south). Lake Ainsworth is a freshwater lake with distinctive tannin-stained waters from the surrounding tea trees which make stunning shots possible when the conditions are right.

Lake Ainsworth was named after James Ainsworth, Thomas Ainsworth’s son. The Ainsworths were one of the first European families to take up land in the region, settling on the North Head of Ballina in 1847. The Lake is situated north of the town and 50 metres behind the dunes.

We’d hoped for mist rising as we had a few drops of rain the night before but it was not to be. Still achieved some nice images.  I plan to go back and stay at the adjacent caravan park and do a sunset, night and dawn shoot.

Mamiya 645DF & Leaf 22

World Photography Day

Well, it’s today and i wish I could report some outstanding photo I took.  Unfortunately, sunrise was a bit of an also ran, and I didn’t go anywhere terrific, but I did get a lovely shot of two of the cats at our winter breakfast table.

When the colder weather came I set up a table on the eastern glassed-in verandah for breakfast. It gets all the morning sun and is delightfully warm. Naturally, the cats ‘warmed’ to the idea – particularly Marmie (red tabby) & Honey (Siamese) who always like to ‘share’ meals with us. So I have set up cat’s stools for them – 2 crates cable tied together with cushions tied to the top, which are pushed back to the wall after use.

Today I was a little later than usual getting breakfast and after putting the cutlery out came back with plates in hand to find this scene. Look pretty comfy, don’t they?

Three Wonderful mornings

On Thursday I started a new part time job, which helps to support the photography compulsion, and after almost 3 years without wiork it needs a biit of a funds injection!

When I woke up, a little later than usual, I went to the kitchen for a glass of ewater and saw a fantastic sunrise shaping up.

The result was this stunner I called Fat Old Sun – yes, a nod to the Floyd here, I love their music.

The next morning was almost a reapeat of the day before, resulting in another great sunrise.

Both Mamiya 645DF & Mamiya 105-210 @ 130mm & 105mm respectively.

Yesterday I decided to travel down to Cabarita Beach & headland for the sunrise.  I was hoping for some slow water over rocks with a nice red sun rising.  Unfortunately I committed the photographer’s cardinal sin of not physically scouting out the exact location first!  The result was I was not in the best spot and so missed the shot I hoped for.  I did end up with some interesting closer up sand shots thought.  I’ve processed these to be fanciful, not something I often do but there you go!

Today’s an at home day but who know what sunrise from the kitchen might throw up today!

A Sunday of Surf and Seagulls

I collected a friend and we toodled down to Duranbah to check out see the big swell which had been forecast.  It turned out to be not so big and was producing disorganised waves, but we were there, we’d lugged our big lenses down, so we grabbed some shots anyway!  All the surf shots are with the canon 40D (to give more ‘reach) and Sigma 150-500 – at 500 for all images.

I liked this one, I was shooting for the 2 figures but the pointy end of the 3rd board sort of gives it an endless line feel, if you know what I mean.

And I shot a couple of runs (up to 15 shots – see them on my website) of this fellow due to the fact that (a) we got talking to his dad who was videoing him, and (b) he was easy to pick out because his wettie was a bit ‘different’ with white at the top and down one arm.  I do wish there were more light coloured wetties – it would make the job of exposure much easier!

And those seagulls?  It came over showery so we went for a bit of a drive south to Hastings Point – where we purchased lunch at the great take away by the caravan park and drove out to the point and threw chips to the seagulls.  All seagull shots with 40D & canon 50mm f1.8.

This is actually two seagulls, I was a bit stumped at first by this apparently strangely formed seagull until I realised!

I call thius one ‘The Birds’ in a nod to AH!

A Fiery Start to the Day

Sunrise yesterday was very dramatic. I went to the kitchen sink to get a glass of water and saw this and hotfooted it out to the verandah. The Mamiya was downstairs so I went with the canon as the light was changing rapidly.

When I first opened this with Adobe Camera Raw I was unhappy with what I was getting – looked too much, even unprocessed. But after a bit if a play in Capture One and a slight curves adjustment in PS4, this is pretty much as it was. There were more pink tones, but it’s close.

Canon 1DsMkII, 17-40L f4 @ 40mm