Real Estate

I have worked in real estate as a marketeer, which involved photographing properties, writing the advertising blurb, and preparing camera ready ads for electronic transmission at newspaper ready (tabloid and broadsheet) sizes.  I loved the work but ti was hard to find different things to say about 50 or 60 houses every week!  I also had a stint as a property manager.

So I do realise how important excellent photos can be in selling your property.

Here’s a couple of examples on how a professional photographer who is skilled with post production tools can improve the images of your home.  And many thanks to some dear friends I stayed with recently who have let me make free of images of their home for my marketing/web pages.

So if you are planning on selling your home, and would like professional photos, if you are in my area, contact me for prices.  If you live somewhere else in Australia, or the world, look into local pros who have real estate experience.

You won’t regret it!

Email me at for a flyer or download it from here

flyer 1 vers 2

after cropping and adjustment

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