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World Photography Day

Well, it’s today and i wish I could report some outstanding photo I took.  Unfortunately, sunrise was a bit of an also ran, and I didn’t go anywhere terrific, but I did get a lovely shot of two of the cats at our winter breakfast table.

When the colder weather came I set up a table on the eastern glassed-in verandah for breakfast. It gets all the morning sun and is delightfully warm. Naturally, the cats ‘warmed’ to the idea – particularly Marmie (red tabby) & Honey (Siamese) who always like to ‘share’ meals with us. So I have set up cat’s stools for them – 2 crates cable tied together with cushions tied to the top, which are pushed back to the wall after use.

Today I was a little later than usual getting breakfast and after putting the cutlery out came back with plates in hand to find this scene. Look pretty comfy, don’t they?

52/2012 – A Shot a Week Project – Week One

I’ve decided to dedicate to posting at least a shot a week during 2012.  I beiefly toyed with a shot a day but decided not at the moment, maybe next year!

So here is my effort for Week One – Mischievous Marmie

When it is time to prepare the dinner at our house, the 6 cats go a bit ballistic. This is our elder statesman, Marmaduke the Marmalade Cat (Marmie for short) under a footstool in the dining room in the middle of a play with Master Yoda.

We usually intervene to keep these two apart as Marmie lost all his teeth to gingivitis a few years ago and Yoda is inclined to play hard and bite, but they were enjoying themselves so much last night I just kept an eye on them.

You can see where Yoda is next going to attack from by marmie’s eye position!

Lumix FZ35

Shadow Seeker

Shadow Seeker , originally uploaded by Photography by Odille.

Raymond, our Oriental x domestic shorthair, embodying why cats can be considered the perfect hunting ‘machine’.

From the loose limbed stalk to the concentrated gaze, to a small prey creature he just oozes menace.

From Animal Planet :
“Design a “dream machine” for hunting and you’d come up with something very close to a cat. From the smallest domestic to the biggest “king of the jungle,” felines are gifted in all the bodily tools and techniques needed to chase prey in the wild or toys in the living room: speed, athleticism and the killer instinct.”

EOS30D & 70-200 f4 L (raymond shadow seeker _MG_9476)